WHAT! No Turkey, Charlie Brown?

Its that time of year! You know, when we go straight from Halloween to Christmas! WHAT, the best holiday is Thanksgiving! Lets take time and smell the turkey roasting, the cranberries cooking and the pies baking. And if you are Charlie Browns friends, this wouldn't be happening either; can you remember what good ole Chuck served his friends? That is before they hopped in the station wagon (this was pre-minivan days) to go to his grandmas house for dinner? Now available thru November 30, 2018.

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01. Look what I have Charlie Brown

02. I'm Caged In!

04. Repurposing the Table

06. Game ON!

07. Let's Get Cooking!

08. The Magic of Thanksgiving

14. I'm the Boss!

17. Happy to Share the Day with Friends

18. Take a Seat Sweetie

20. What Happened to Passing the Plates?

21. No Cranberries, No stuffing, NO TURKEY!!!!

22. Where Did the Day Go?
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