Bon Voyage Charlie Brown
(and don't come back!!)

Featuring artwork from the Peanuts fourth full feature film!

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown opens on an Inn in France and the camera pans across the French countryside at night raining. As the camera trucks in on a chateau, it dissolves on a Violette Anfleus in the attic looking at a bag inscribed with “Charles Brown”.

Charles Brown you ask? So, will this be a murder mystery film? Hmmmm? Before the suspense can begin, students need to be selected for a Foreign Student Exchange and then they have to get to that side of the pond. And this is where the fun begins.

Click on an image to get a better view and a short description of the scene

1.01 Easy to Eavesdrop!

1.02 Aw Rubbish!

1.03 Have you ever seen a bird in an Airport?

1.04 Dinner or is it Dining?

1.05 Enjoyment

1.06 Snoopy has gained a dining partner!

1.07 Flying Coach?

1.08 They have arrived!

1.10 It was a Let ball!

1.12 Mischievous Revenge

1.09 Deuce, He Yells

1-12 | 13-16

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