These original hand painted limited editions of classic film moments were created by Bill Melendez and the artists at his studio. Each hand inked limited edition cel is hand painted with a reproduction background. A Melendez limited edition is individually numbered, bears the Peanuts Film Gallery seal of authenticity and features the signature of Bill Melendez.

New!!! Dog on Duty...a Flying Ace Dreams
NEWEST!!! A Night to Believe!
"A Toast to Chef Snoopy"
"Be Mine!"
"Holiday on Needles"
"ice is Nice"
"Triple Play!"
Da, Da, Da, Daaaaaaaaaa....
Dr. Snoopy?
Dress Rehearsal
Friendly Advice
Germs of Endearment
Good Luck, Charlie Brown
Great Pumpkin Rises?!?
Great Skate
Halloween Night
Home Coming
Interesting Discussions
Joe Cool
Legal Beagle VS. Judge Lucy
Letter to the Editor
Losing Altitude
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
Mounds of Dreams
Perfect Little Tree
Quiet on the Set
Snoopy's Follies
Snoopy's Happy Dance
Thanksgiving Feast
Treasured Friends
Tree Lot
Trick or Treat
Trust Me, Charlie Brown
Violet's Halloween Party
Want A Bite, Sweetie?
Welcome Great Pumpkin!
Wishbone Wishes

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